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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Georgia schools considering going to Ipads

Based on a FOX news report, Schools in Georgia are also considering moving to Ipad's for every student.  This situation is very similar to what is happening in our school in trying to find an affordable way to incorporate them, as well as figuring out the problems they might bring with them.  This article touches on some of these issues, but also makes a few strong points about the positives the Ipads bring.  I think it is important that we pay attention to how the Ipads work in other school systems so we can fix our problems before they happen.  Since our schools are the first to try this new system, all eyes are going to be on our schools to see how it works out.  If our schools use the Ipads positively and the cost is not too high, then other schools would be very interested in going to the Ipads as well.  The more schools that used the Ipads, the more the cost would go down.  In some ways we are the test group for future education.

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  1. Mike,

    I am excited about the fact that we will be the "test group" as you put it. We will be one of only three schools looking at going 1:1 next year in the state. I am sure that within three years the number of schools will be increased dramatically.

    Iowa has gone from a handful of 1:1 schools a couple of years ago and next year they will have over 100. I have no doubt that the 1:1 movement in Massachusetts will follow a similar path.

    Of course, the most important reason in my mind is to put more tools in the hands of students and teachers to create more engaging classrooms and equip our students for the technology-fused world they will be entering when they leave our schools.