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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Superbowl turns out to be a disappointment

With the Patriots eliminated from the playoffs, there had been a lot less attention than usual being pointed at the super bowl.  ESPN tried to build up a bunch of stories no one really cared about.  Aaron Rodgers living up to Brett Favre's legacy, Ben Roethlisberger winning his third super bowl, these were stories that did not have poeple talking.  The game itself wasn't anything special compared to the past few super bowls, and up until the last five minutes it was never really close.  To start it off Christina Aguilara bombed the National Anthem by forgetting some of the lyrics.  The half time show was too boring for me to keep watching, and most people who watched regretted doing so.  Even the commercials for this super bowl were a disappointment.  Only one or two commercials were actually funny.  For all the media attention and billions of dollars the Super Bowl generates, poeple deserve to see better.  In my opinion the only people who enjoyed the game were Green Bay fans.

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