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Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Cell Phones in Schools?

I am surprised this issue could even make it to the Massachusetts State House.  This is a rule that could never be seriously enforced, because it would be broken by the entire student body.  This is the type of rule that students might break intentionally just to prove the point that schools can not ban cell phones.  What would the school do if they had to confiscate hundreds of cell phones?  The situation would be out of control.  Although cell phones do present a slight distraction in class, they are necesarry to communicate transportation plans and things of that nature.  Schedules change all the time, and notifying parents for a ride without cell phones would be a nightmare.  If teachers are really that concerned with cell phone use in class, then they should try to find a way to incorporate them into their lesson. In a math class I took earlier this year, Ms. Boyle used a website that allowed students to text their answers to a number from the site, and the answers would then show up on her smartboard.  If teachers had more ideas like this, cell phones in class would not be such a big issue.

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