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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Voki Post on Trusting Students

Trusting students is essential to the successful use of Ipads in schools.  This article makes a good point that almost any resource can be abused, yet we do not ban them from schools.  Although the article used the extreme example of shoes as a resource that can not be banned, cell phones are already allowed here at BHS.  Students already have the ability to text and go on facebook through their cell phones, so why would they do it more just because they have another device?  Trust can extend into other areas as well.  Ipads are obviously expensive, so how can we trust students not to break them?  If people really think about it, almost every kid has an ipod, an expensive calculator, and a cell phone and these very rarely break.  If the fear of losing the Ipad is a concern, that is like saying why don't students lose their backpacks?  If a student lost a bag full of textbooks, the cost would almost certainly exceed that of the Ipad.  If the teachers trust the students to use their new resource for education purposes, then the students will better trust the teachers to provide effective and interesting lesson plans to be used with the Ipads.

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