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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Different Way of Looking at Education

I think this is a revolutionary way of looking at education.  It is hard to imagine reforming the entire structure of public education, and I am not sure anyone really knows how to go about doing this.  Even though this video pointed out some obvious flaws in our current education system, it did not provide very many solutions to these problems.  I agree that school is not open minded enough to students' differences, and that a college degree does not necessarily make a person smarter than someone else.  I was very surprised to see the map for prescriptions for ADHD was so one sided to the East.  I assumed the number of prescriptions was balanced throughout the country, and I do not understand why it is so one-sided.  I believe that videos like this should be watched by students at a younger age so that they have a more open mind towards education.  A large point of this video was the need for people to collaborate in their ideas.  If more people were exposed to videos like this one, then more solutions to the problems pointed out would be reached.

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