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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Staying Safe Online

With social media expanding at a geometric rate, we are all leaving some form of digital footprint.  Kids at a younger age than ever have access to the internet and all the things (some negative) that are posted on it.  These negative sites should not keep children off computers, we should just make sure we are taking the right precautions to ensure the kids' safety.  We must make it clear that EVERYTHING we post online can be traced back to us.  Anything that you would not want your family or a job possibility to see should not be posted.  Schools and jobs are now more than ever doing digitial background checks on their applicants.  Giving the wrong impression online can make them cross you off the list before you even get a chance.  Parents concerned with negative content on the internet can set filters to block inappropriate websites from being accessed.  Those opposed to children being on the internet are usually not educated on how to use these safety features.

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