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Thursday, March 3, 2011

iPad 2 to be released March 11

The iPad 2 looks like it will be a big improvement from the original iPad.  Almost every innovative piece of technology is soon made obsolete by its follow up model, and this looks to be true of the first iPad as well.  Steve Jobs displayed the iPad 2 for the first time and explains its new features in his presentation.  The new iPad's main highlights are that it is 33% thinner than the original, has twice the processing power therefore twice the speed, improved graphics, the same battery life, and even comes with a new smart case.  The new iPad has high expectations, but it looks like it will be able to live up to them with its new design.  Everyone in BHS is looking forward to having the privelage of owning one of these iPads without having to pay the $500 cost of buying a new one.

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